Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of textbook care

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How do you take care of your textbooks? How do you keep them clean? How do you protect them? How do you keep them in a good condition to enable future students use them?

This September, all Lao Grade 1 students started the school-year with a brand-new set of four textbooks. The new textbooks have been designed to be interesting and engaging for young children. They are colourful and full of illustrations and activities to make learning fun.

The Information Media Center of the Ministry of Education and Sports, with the support of the Australian Government and the European Union through the BEQUAL program, launched a TV campaign to raise awareness on the main Do’s and Don’ts of textbook care. The TV spot lasts one minute and is broadcasted on Lao National TV Channel 1 during the news and the Education program.

Watch and learn how to take care of your textbooks by treating them carefully and storing them responsibly.

You can watch the TV spot on Lao National TV Channel 1

Tuesday 8.25-8.55

Tuesday 17.25-17.55

Wednesday 8.15-8.45

Saturday 17.25-17.55

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