Join Australian Ambassador Jean-Bernard Carrasco and Nok Noy the little bird to discover this new exciting educational TV program

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In September 2019, every Grade 1 child in Laos will start the school year with a whole new curriculum and plenty of colorful new textbooks. The children will learn by being actively involved in the classroom – ‘learning by doing’ and learning through experience. Classrooms will be very busy and active!

Learn Together is a fun and innovative educational TV program that was specially designed to support Grade 1 Lao children with the new active

learning method. In each episode, they will listen to a new story from our lovely storytellers; and they will follow the adventures of Dee, Kham, Jeulee, Payia and all their Grade 1 friends. They will learn about how to be ready to start primary school, reading and writing their first letters, being a

good friend and sharing with others, being safe on the road, taking care of their school environment and learning materials and many other interesting topics.

Learn Together will be broadcasted every Sunday on Lao National TV 3 and Lao Public Security. The first episode will be broadcasted on Sunday 11 August 2019 with a new episode every 2 weeks. Subscribe to the You Tube Channel “Learn Together Laos” now to follow and re-visit the exciting Learn Together episodes on your own and with friends

The Learn Together initiative is led by the Ministry of Education and Sports, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, with support from the Australian Government and the European Union.