The BEQUAL infrastructure team has just completed water supply rehabilitation works at Saravan and Luang Namtha Teacher Training Colleges. Student teachers, including BEQUAL ethnic student teachers can now safely use the new water facilities.


How could you stay healthy and fit for learning when there is no clean water in your college and dormitory? Healthy body, healthy mind!

At the Teacher Training College (TTC) in Luang Namtha Province, the elevated water tank which pressurises the water around the TTC has been empty for the past 10 years due to problems with the water well that originally supplied the system. The water source for student teachers and their educators was switched to the town supply but water pressure is very low, particularly during peak periods each day when the students need to use it.

The WASH situation was similar in Saravan TTC with no water during the dry season.

In the past few months, the priority for the BEQUAL infrastructure team was the improvement of the water systems at the TTCs housing the BEQUAL Ethnic Scholarship Program trainees. In Saravan, the team installed a new pump and a new borehole in June and in Luang Namtha, new pumps and pipes were installed last week.

School water and sanitation facilities are essential for a healthy and hygienic learning environment. “We want to ensure that trainees, most of whom live on site during semesters have what they need to stay healthy and learn” says Daosith Khompheng, the BEQUAL WASH Infrastructure Technical Supervisor.

“Now teachers and students are able to access sufficient water for their hygiene. The water is also important to allow them to cook, do their laundry, and take care of the vegetables they grow in the garden of the school.”

The infrastructure team is committed to ensuring that appropriate WASH facilities are provided for future teachers. In the coming months they will support rehabilitation of toilets and bathing facilities and the building of a new kitchen at Luang Namtha and Saravan Teacher Training Colleges. Dormitories, bathing facilities and toilets will also be repaired at Savannakhet Teacher Training College.

Because better school facilities also make a better learning!