In July and August, a team of nearly 700 Master and Provincial Trainers trained every Grade 1 teacher, primary principal and pedagogical advisor in the country. The Department of Teacher Education is now organising a two-days’ workshop to share the lessons learned and to review the training teams in preparation for the training of Grade 2 curriculum training to be implemented next year.


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On 15-16 October 2019 the Department of Teacher Education (DTE) led a review and refresh of the Master Trainer and Provincial Trainer teams that recently provided training on Grade 1 materials of the new primary curriculum across the country. The objectives of the workshop were to reflect on the performance and effectiveness of the Provincial Trainers and to review and update the Provincial Trainer team membership for each province, based on trainer performance, availability and required trainer numbers, and recommend provincial members for the Master Trainer team.

The workshop was chaired by Mr Keth Phanhlack, Director General, DTE and attended by over 60 participants from key Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) departments, representatives from the 18 Provincial Education and Sports Services (PESS) and the eight Teacher Training Colleges. Representatives from the Australian Embassy observed the workshop. The Australian Embassy with additional funding from the European Union, supports MoES with the revision and implementation of the new primary curriculum through the BEQUAL program.

The Master and Provincial Trainer teams were selected by key national and provincial MoES staff in November 2018. Criteria for the selection included identifying the characteristics of good trainers such as primary teaching experience, specific subject knowledge, experience in training, and commitment to improve teacher quality and to support teachers in the classroom. The trainer teams are very diverse. Members come from MoES, covering national, provincial, districts and school levels.

For Grade 1, the 60 Master Trainers delivered 23 training of trainer sessions across the country in May and June 2019, and the 611 Provincial Trainers delivered face to face training for nearly 17,000 teachers, principals and pedagogical advisors across the country in July and August in 483 workshops. Feedback and observations from the training indicate that the training quality was high, both for the training of trainer and the face-to-face. Trainers were well prepared for the training, co-facilitated their sessions well, used the appropriate materials and approaches, delivered activities in a participatory and engaging manner, and undertook regular reflection for improvement in delivery.

Each PESS has their own provincial trainer team and it is their responsibility to manage them. The Master trainer team is managed by DTE. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the Grade 1 curriculum implementation from the perspective of in-service training, and to reflect on and discuss the performance and effectiveness of the trainer teams in their own provinces. Number of trainers and the membership in teams will be adjusted, taking into account demands for Grade 2 training workshops and any gaps or opportunities that have been identified.

Following the workshop, the PESS representatives review and discuss the updated list of Provincial Trainers for their province with relevant stakeholders at their PESS and TTC before finalising and officially endorsing the updated list.

In May 2020 these Master and Provincial trainers will start the process of training of all Grade 2 teachers and pedagogical advisors on the new curriculum”.

Click here to watch the reportage that was broadcasted on TV Channel 1 – Education News

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