Get inspired by Boualy and Sokhong, third-year students at the Teacher Training College. Their dream is to provide a better education and a brighter future to the young children of their remote rural villages.

Students from the teacher trainee programme

Boualy during her teaching practice

Several studies around the world indicate that local ethnic teachers achieve better results for remote communities. Local ethnic teachers understand the language and the culture of their students which is critical for the first years of schooling and Lao language acquisition.
As Boualy and Sokhong, more than 360 students from disadvantaged Lao ethnic villages received a scholarship to attend a three to four-year training programme at a Teacher Training College.
Once graduated, they will come back to their communities in remote rural villages as qualified primary teachers.
Boualy and Sokhong are now in their last year at the Teacher Training College. In this video, they share their daily life at the College, their learning journey, their challenges and how they are looking forward to accomplishing their dream to become primary teachers in their remote communities.