The new videos focus on the core Lao Language techniques of the new Grade 1 curriculum




In June 2019, a new YouTube Channel was created to support the Grade 1 teachers with the new curriculum and the new pedagogical approach.  The “ວິດີໂອສໍາລັບການພັດທະນາຄູ Teacher Development Videos” channel’s purpose is to provide teachers with additional resources for self-learning, lesson preparation or refreshing a specific technique. The channel was launched with 2 training videos on assessing using rubrics and managing classes outside the classroom. It also contains 34 songs to be used during the orientation week, music lessons and Lao Language lessons.

Last week, two new teacher development videos on Grade 1 Lao Language techniques were released. They cover core areas of the new Grade 1 Lao Language curriculum.  Both videos provide detailed explanations and live
classroom demonstrations to help teachers with the new techniques. The video (video 3) on Lao Language Teaching and Learning Techniques 1-3 focuses on how to introduce letters: Identifying and pronouncing the sound of the letter correctly, identifying the correct name of the letter, and finally being able to recognise and write its form.

The video (video 4) on Lao Language Teaching and Learning Techniques 10-12 demonstrates how to support students to improve their reading by applying their decoding skills:  First identifying written words and the composition of the sounds within them, then pronouncing the blend of the letter sounds as words.

More training videos are already in their final stage of production, so stay tuned!

You can find the videos on the YouTube Channel:
ວິດີໂອສໍາລັບການພັດທະນາຄູ Teacher Development Videos.