Master Trainers from the Ministry of Education and Sports central level and all eighteen provinces participated in the first week of Master Trainers Capacity Development Training to build their relevant skills and knowledge to enable them to be effective trainers.

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In-service teacher training is a critical part of equipping teachers to be able to implement the new revised primary curriculum effectively. The aim of the training is to provide teachers with the relevant skills and techniques needed to effectively use the new primary curriculum materials in the classroom to improve student learning.

Following the selection of Master Trainer and Provincial Trainer teams in October 2018, the first Master Trainers Capacity Development Workshop was organised for five days in early December 2018. The purpose of this training is to build the capacity of Master Trainers to plan and deliver effective training.

Master Trainers have an important role in training Provincial Trainers, and in supporting in-service teacher training, and they need to ensure that they plan and implement these activities with care and commitment.

The training workshop focused on building on the existing skills and knowledge of the Master Trainers, including activities to identify the range of existing strengths and capacities in the team. Participants worked on identifying and developing the necessary skills and attitudes for success as a trainer, and on developing a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities as Master Trainers. Classroom and demonstration video observation activities provided an opportunity for the participants to develop an understanding of the primary classroom context, and to compare and contrast the different approaches in the current and new primary curriculum. A key focus on building Master Trainers’ facilitation skills was reinforced by a day of training practice, with participants practicing delivery of training content.

This is the first key step in the timeline of in-service teacher training activities that will support the implementation of the new Grade 1 primary curriculum starting in 2019. There will be another week of Master Trainer Capacity Development training organized by RIES in January 2019, followed by Provincial Trainer Capacity Development training in all eighteen provinces in February 2019. Training of Master and Provincial Trainer teams for the Grade 1 curriculum implementation is scheduled for May-June 2019.