Nga district (Oudomxay Province), Nalae district (Luang Namtha Province) and Met district (Vientiane Province) were the first three districts to receive the new Grade 1 materials on 13th and 14th of June.

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In July and August 2019, more than 16,600 Grade 1 teachers, primary school principals and pedagogical advisors will be trained on the new teaching practices and how to use the new Grade 1 curriculum. Each of them will receive a participant book, a set of four textbooks and a set of seven teacher guides. In September 2019, all Grade 1 students will start the school year with a new free set of colorful textbooks. And every public Grade 1 classroom will receive a teacher resource pack full of storybooks, graded
reading books, flash cards, posters and magnifying rulers.

In total, over 856,000 textbooks, 146,000 teacher guides, 16,600 training handbooks and 9,000 teacher resource boxes for Grade 1 will be delivered to the 148 districts!

The convoy of trucks containing all the teacher training materials and school resources have started this week. The deliveries are staggered until mid-July and aligned to the teacher training schedules. Priority is given to the areas with difficult road access. This is a huge logistics challenge with

the coming rainy season, especially for the deliveries to remote and mountainous parts of the country.

The districts and the schools will organize the distribution of the textbooks and the teacher resources packs to every primary schools of the country and ensure that the materials arrive on time for the new school-year in September. The schools will use the school block grants to support the pick up or delivery of the materials.