BEQUAL-supported graduate student teachers at Luang Namtha Teacher Training College recently participated in a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and First Aid workshop that will enable them to understand and prevent risks to primary school students.



A primary school teacher is not only someone who delivers knowledge to young students, but they are also responsible for their student’s hygiene and safety at school. This is why ensuring children feel clean and comfortable at school encourages their learning and prevents them from leaving school due to sickness. Therefore, it is important that primary school teachers understand hygiene care and first aid before they start working with children.

In late June, a four-day workshop was held at Luang Namtha Teacher Training College to introduce WASH activities and practical knowledge of first aid to 62 BEQUAL-supported graduate student teachers.

The highlight of this workshop was the very productive group discussion, where participating student teachers reflected on the existing water facilities and hygiene quality in their communities, and devised solutions for improvement. They also learned to identify and address risks and hazards at school. For example, they observed what could happen in school yards if children run too fast, or if there are sharp objects in the classroom.

To ensure deeper understanding in communities, the workshop will be extended to students, teachers and parents in villages within BEQUAL target provinces from September to December 2018.

BEQUAL aims to help more girls and boys, especially those experiencing disadvantage, complete high-quality primary education, achieving literary, numeracy and life skills.