20 08 COVID practice during teacher training (3) light

20 08 COVID practice during teacher training (2)

20 08 COVID practice during teacher training (4)

20 08 COVID practice during teacher training (1)

Champasak Provincial Education and Sports Services (PESS) and its 10 District Education and Sports Bureaux have organised the training of 833 participants including all Grade 2 teachers and Pedagogical Advisors in the province implementing strict COVID-19 prevention measures. The training on the new curriculum is supported nationwide by the Australian Government and the European Union through the BEQUAL programme which provided all trainers with guidelines on how to organise the training to comply with the requirements for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

Under the leadership of Champasak PESS, all 10 districts in the province have strictly adhered to GOL COVID-19 prevention guidelines. They prepared COVID-19 prevention supplies; they borrowed infrared thermometers from the district hospital; they used the workshop administration budget to buy face masks, hand sanitizers and soap. They displayed prevention and handwashing posters provided by BEQUAL at the entrance of the training rooms and near the toilets. All training participants, Grade 2 teachers, Pedagogical Advisors, district staff, Master and Provincial Trainers had their temperature screened daily and recorded on a sheet.

In Soukhouma district where the training is next to the district hospital, one doctor came every morning for up to two hours to check participants’ temperature and health. The participants wore their masks throughout the five-day training, which is not always easy in hot and humid weather. They respected social distancing during the different active learning activities.

Preventing the spreading of COVID-19 is the responsibility of all and Champasak Province is definitively showing a good example to follow!