Nearly 50 participants from BEQUAL, Ministry, Embassy and Media joined a fun session to learn sign Language
December 2021

Learn how to communicate without speaking

In celebration of International Day of people with disabilities, the Australian-funded BEQUAL program organized a fun and interactive session to learn basic Lao Sign Language.

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-30 at 12.00.13 (1)
May 2020

Special Day for Grade 1

Today is the last day of school – Time to remember the best moments and imagine activities for the break

ຮູບ​ທີ 2-1
April 2020

New teaching and learning resources for Grade 2 classes

The packing of 9365 Grade 2 teacher resource boxes was finished right in time before the Prime Minister’s order 06 came into effect. The trucks are scheduled to depart after the PiMai holidays to deliver to 148 DESBs for every school in the country.

LT Epi 13 01
April 2020

Sports Day

Come join Nok Noy, Nok Young, the storytelling team and your favourite little clay heroes for Sports Day!

Learn Together Episode 12 (1)
March 2020

Learning to count

3 pigs + 2 cows + 3 ducks =?
Have fun learning to count with this new episode of Learn Together