February 2020

Play Time

Have you ever had an argument with your best friend? How did you resolve it? And what about recess? Are you playing with you friends or do you wander alone not knowing what to do? Follow the adventures of your favorite heroes and learn about being a good friend!

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February 2020

Learning Sciences Together

Will the leaf float or sink? And the little stone? Have you ever tried to drop objects in the water to see what will happen?

December 2019

“Pre-service Curriculum Development workshop – Assessment” from 9 to 13 December 2019

In September 2019, the training of all Year 1 teacher trainees in the 8 Teacher Training Colleges started with the new pre-service curriculum. As the end of the first semester approaches, the pre-service curriculum development teams are preparing for the new end of Semester 1 assessment to evaluate teacher-trainees’ understanding, knowledge and skills after this first period of teacher training.

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November 2019

Missing school

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together and learn why going to school every day is important!

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October 2019

School cleaning day

Follow the adventures of Kham and his friends in the latest Learn Together episode

October 2019

Preparing the training teams for the new Grade 2 curriculum

In July and August, a team of nearly 700 Master and Provincial Trainers trained every Grade 1 teacher, primary principal and pedagogical advisor in the country. The Department of Teacher Education is now organising a two-days’ workshop to share the lessons learned and to review the training teams in preparation for the training of Grade 2 curriculum training to be implemented next year.

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October 2019

Celebrating Teachers’ Day

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future of the next generation and the development of Lao PDR. Let’s meet the new generation of teachers!

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October 2019

Teachers’ Day

Let’s celebrate Teachers Day with Learn Together

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September 2019

Sharing and Caring

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together and learn how to take care of your textbooks

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August 2019

First Day at School

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together, released on August 25th

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July 2019

Science and environment curriculum writers reflect on the teaching of scientific skills in primary classes.

While the delivery of the new Grade 1 textbooks is underway, the curriculum writers are continuing to develop the curriculum for the next four primary grades. The Research Institute for Educational Sciences in collaboration with the BEQUAL technical advisers has recently reviewed the contents, scientific skills, and designed textbooks and teacher guides mapping Science and Environment for continuity in the content across Grades 1-5.

May 2019

Launch of the in-service training for the new Grade 1 curriculum

In September 2019, all Grade 1 students will start the school-year with a new improved curriculum. The massive series of trainings needed to get all Grade 1 teachers equipped with the skills and techniques needed to implement the new curriculum in their classroom has just started.

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April 2019

Last teachers’ consultation on the new Grade 2 curriculum

The Research Institute for Educational Sciences (RIES) undertook a 2-day consultation on 2nd & 3rd of April with Grade 2 teachers, Pedagogical Advisors and representatives from the provincial and district educational offices in four provinces to support the revision of the new Grade 2 textbooks and teacher guides.