Image for Episode 11 (3)
March 2020

Enjoying Reading

Do you remember your first poem? The first books you were able to read by yourself?
Follow the adventures of your favorite heroes and discover a beautiful poem on a special garden in this new episode of Learn Together.

Pictures for Toilet Day 2019 (2)
November 2019

World Toilet Day 2019 – Leave no one Behind!

How can a student stay healthy when their school lacks a toilet? Inadequate sanitation is estimated to cause 432,000 diarrhoeal deaths in the world every year and is a major factor for diseases such as intestinal worms.

Students from the teacher trainee programme
April 2019

New video on the Teacher Training scholarship programme

Get inspired by Boualy and Sokhong, third-year students at the Teacher Training College. Their dream is to provide a better education and a brighter future to the young children of their remote rural villages.

January 2019

CACIM meeting featured on Lao National TV

The Committee for Approval of Curriculum and Instructional Materials met early December 2018 to review the new Grade 1 teaching and learning materials. The journalists were there.

June 2018

Behind the scenes of Learn Together

Happy International Children’s Day!
To celebrate Children’s Day this year, we will bring you behind the scenes of Learn Together, the new educational animation films that will be screened on Lao National TV Channel 3 and Lao Star TV from June 10thon. Australia and the European Union are proud to support this project to encourage more children to develop a love of learning and reach their full potential.

Madame Nuansy, Head of Pre and Primary Education Sector -  Xiangkhouang Provincial Education and Sports Service
March 2017

Lao Women’s Voices: Mme Nuansy

“When women receive education… they will know how to protect themselves, how to access information; they will be able to develop themselves, their families and get a permanent job.”

Mme Varadune Amarathithada, Deputy Director General of Teacher Education Department – Ministry of Education and Sports
March 2017

Lao Women’s Voices: Mme Varadune

“It is fantastic when you learn how people have solved their problems… mutual respect between the genders and between elders and the youth is crucial.”