Ministry of Education and Sports staff from national and sub-national levels have an opportunity to apply to become one of the future Master Trainer or Provincial Trainer Teams until 12th October. A unique opportunity to support in-service teachers and the new primary curriculum!



In September 2019, all Grade 1 teachers will begin teaching a new primary curriculum, using new teacher guides, with extra educational resource materials, and a new pedagogical approach to help children learn better. To prepare and properly equip teachers for this change, the Department of Teacher Education is establishing a new system for in-service teacher training. A team of Master Trainers at the national level and 18 teams of Provincial Trainers, one for every province, will be created. This will ensure sufficient numbers of highly-qualified trainers to support all teachers with training and professional development activities across every province.

 The recruitment of team members for the trainer teams has just started with information sessions organised for all departments, PESS, TTC and DESB across the country. All qualified staff across the Ministry of Education and Sports at all levels (national, provincial, including TTC, and district, including school level) are eligible to apply to be a Master Trainer or Provincial Trainer or both before 12 October.  

The first task for these new teams will be to train all grade 1 teachers on the new primary curriculum, equipping them with the practical knowledge, skills, and pedagogical approaches to teach the new curriculum effectively.

 This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in supporting the successful implementation of the new nationwide primary curriculum, and to be part of the teams who will continue to train and support all primary teachers across the country.