Basic Education Quality and Access in Lao PDR (BEQUAL) is a ten-year program led by the Lao Government, with support from the Australian Government and the European Union.

BEQUAL is directly supporting the education priorities of the Laos Government described in the Education Sector Development Plan prepared by the Ministry of Education and Sports and is consistent with the strategic directions set out in Australia’s Education Delivery Strategy 2013-2018.

The Phase I (2015-2020) budget amounts to AUD 65 million. BEQUAL will help an estimated 740,000 children receive a better quality education, with a particular focus on children who traditionally experience poorer education outcomes — girls, students with disabilities and children from the more remote communities

BEQUAL’s program logic was revised in early 2018 and the program’s key activities will now focus on assisting the Ministry of Education and Sports with

the development and implementation of the national new curriculum for grades 1–5, the improvement of teacher education and the strengthening of support systems such as planning, management and monitoring of teaching.

BEQUAL’s program implementation is national, with an intensified support to 34 educationally disadvantaged districts.

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