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May 2020

Special Day for Grade 1

Today is the last day of school – Time to remember the best moments and imagine activities for the break

ຮູບ​ທີ 2-1
April 2020

New teaching and learning resources for Grade 2 classes

The packing of 9365 Grade 2 teacher resource boxes was finished right in time before the Prime Minister’s order 06 came into effect. The trucks are scheduled to depart after the PiMai holidays to deliver to 148 DESBs for every school in the country.

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April 2020

Sports Day

Come join Nok Noy, Nok Young, the storytelling team and your favourite little clay heroes for Sports Day!

Learn Together Episode 12 (1)
March 2020

Learning to count

3 pigs + 2 cows + 3 ducks =?
Have fun learning to count with this new episode of Learn Together

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March 2020

Enjoying Reading

Do you remember your first poem? The first books you were able to read by yourself?
Follow the adventures of your favorite heroes and discover a beautiful poem on a special garden in this new episode of Learn Together.

February 2020

Play Time

Have you ever had an argument with your best friend? How did you resolve it? And what about recess? Are you playing with you friends or do you wander alone not knowing what to do? Follow the adventures of your favorite heroes and learn about being a good friend!

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February 2020

Learning Sciences Together

Will the leaf float or sink? And the little stone? Have you ever tried to drop objects in the water to see what will happen?

December 2019

“Pre-service Curriculum Development workshop – Assessment” from 9 to 13 December 2019

In September 2019, the training of all Year 1 teacher trainees in the 8 Teacher Training Colleges started with the new pre-service curriculum. As the end of the first semester approaches, the pre-service curriculum development teams are preparing for the new end of Semester 1 assessment to evaluate teacher-trainees’ understanding, knowledge and skills after this first period of teacher training.

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November 2019

Missing school

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together and learn why going to school every day is important!

Pictures for Toilet Day 2019 (2)
November 2019

World Toilet Day 2019 – Leave no one Behind!

How can a student stay healthy when their school lacks a toilet? Inadequate sanitation is estimated to cause 432,000 diarrhoeal deaths in the world every year and is a major factor for diseases such as intestinal worms.

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October 2019

School cleaning day

Follow the adventures of Kham and his friends in the latest Learn Together episode

October 2019

Preparing the training teams for the new Grade 2 curriculum

In July and August, a team of nearly 700 Master and Provincial Trainers trained every Grade 1 teacher, primary principal and pedagogical advisor in the country. The Department of Teacher Education is now organising a two-days’ workshop to share the lessons learned and to review the training teams in preparation for the training of Grade 2 curriculum training to be implemented next year.

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October 2019

Celebrating Teachers’ Day

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future of the next generation and the development of Lao PDR. Let’s meet the new generation of teachers!

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October 2019

Teachers’ Day

Let’s celebrate Teachers Day with Learn Together

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September 2019

Sharing and Caring

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together and learn how to take care of your textbooks

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August 2019

First Day at School

Watch the latest episode of Learn Together, released on August 25th

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July 2019

Science and environment curriculum writers reflect on the teaching of scientific skills in primary classes.

While the delivery of the new Grade 1 textbooks is underway, the curriculum writers are continuing to develop the curriculum for the next four primary grades. The Research Institute for Educational Sciences in collaboration with the BEQUAL technical advisers has recently reviewed the contents, scientific skills, and designed textbooks and teacher guides mapping Science and Environment for continuity in the content across Grades 1-5.

May 2019

Launch of the in-service training for the new Grade 1 curriculum

In September 2019, all Grade 1 students will start the school-year with a new improved curriculum. The massive series of trainings needed to get all Grade 1 teachers equipped with the skills and techniques needed to implement the new curriculum in their classroom has just started.

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April 2019

Last teachers’ consultation on the new Grade 2 curriculum

The Research Institute for Educational Sciences (RIES) undertook a 2-day consultation on 2nd & 3rd of April with Grade 2 teachers, Pedagogical Advisors and representatives from the provincial and district educational offices in four provinces to support the revision of the new Grade 2 textbooks and teacher guides.

Students from the teacher trainee programme
April 2019

New video on the Teacher Training scholarship programme

Get inspired by Boualy and Sokhong, third-year students at the Teacher Training College. Their dream is to provide a better education and a brighter future to the young children of their remote rural villages.

March 2019

How will you help make a difference? #BalanceforBetter

As part of International Women Day celebrations, Coffey’s Laos project teams hosted a lunch presentation to hear the stories of two inspiring individuals who take action for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Trial of the new curriculum - BQ web 1
January 2019

Trialling the “Grade 1 Curriculum Training for Teachers”

In July 2019, more than 16,000 Grade 1 primary teachers, principals and pedagogical advisors will be trained how to use the new Grade 1 curriculum in the classrooms. A joint Ministry of Education and Sports and BEQUAL teacher education team has just trialled the training materials.

January 2019

CACIM meeting featured on Lao National TV

The Committee for Approval of Curriculum and Instructional Materials met early December 2018 to review the new Grade 1 teaching and learning materials. The journalists were there.

November 2018

Education Symposium

Plan International and implementing partners, in support of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES), held a successful two-day (12-13th November 2018) education symposium to share best practices and identify avenues for future scale and sustainability of key interventions to improve learning outcomes in early grade education.

Hand-wshaing photo in Houn (2) BQ
October 2018

Celebrating Global Handwashing Day

Did you know that handwashing with soap could reduce the incidence of diarrhoea by 47% and respiratory diseases by 23%? Today is Global Handwashing day and we are sharing the fabulous work done by the Ministry curriculum team and the BEQUAL advisors to promote hygiene and handwashing with soap amongst the young primary students.

IMG_5308 small
October 2018

International Day of the Girl

Today is the International Day of the Girl and we would like to share some inspiring words from young Hmong girls from Xiangkhouang Province who are studying hard to get a better future.

ETSP Final pic1
July 2018

Supporting primary education in rural locations with local teachers

212 student teachers from rural and remote communities have just completed their studies at Teacher Training Colleges and will be deployed to their home communities soon. These new teachers’ understanding of the language and culture of their communities will enable more children to learn and stay in school.

June 2018

Behind the scenes of Learn Together

Happy International Children’s Day!
To celebrate Children’s Day this year, we will bring you behind the scenes of Learn Together, the new educational animation films that will be screened on Lao National TV Channel 3 and Lao Star TV from June 10thon. Australia and the European Union are proud to support this project to encourage more children to develop a love of learning and reach their full potential.

delegations cut ribbon edit
April 2018

Australia and European Union Visit Northern Lao PDR in Support of Education

Australian Embassy officials, with the Ministry of Education and Sports and the European Union, were delighted to visit education activities in Luang Namtha and Oudomxay this week. The delegation discussed education challenges, visited the teacher training college, and saw teaching and learning and reading promotion activities at remote schools. The joint visit highlighted the strong partnership between Australia, the EU and the Lao Government in supporting quality education to children in the most disadvantaged communities.

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April 2018

Celebrating World Book Day – The story of Nou and Howa

In celebration of World Book Day, BEQUAL would like to shine the spotlight on two very dedicated caregivers from a remote Hmong village. Let’s read the story of Nou and Howa and discover how they created a reading corner for their children in their house.